Web Host Constant Announced 1000 GE Network In NY Metro Area

Constant, a web hosting provider based in New York metro area has created a 1000+ Gbps network. The web host says that the new network offers a 100% uptime guarantee and 0% packet loss.

The 1000+ GE network is designed to function as a multi-homed network for maximum reliability and functionality. The company partnered with multiple transit and bandwidth providers to connect directly to major backbones and instantly create a powerful infrastructure. Constant says that after the the upgrade it now provides one of the fastest and highest capacity networks in the hosting industry.

The company uses Cisco technologies, Equinix data center solutions and Level 3 and Tinet global IP transit networks.

The Constant network is capable of running more than 1000 Gbps per second out of a data center based out of New Jersey. All transit and peering links are 10 Gbps with 24 hour monitoring and support from the company’s network operations team (NOC).

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