MyHosting To Offer Virtuozzo VPS In NY Data Center, announced an expansion of its VPS Hosting services into a Rochester, NY based data center. The company is using Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 to host its VPS customers accounts.

According to the hosting provider the recently released Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 offers a number of useful upgrades. One of them is Disk I/O updates. claims that the new upgrades allows it to further enhance its Virtuozzo VPS plans with a new service in both its Rochester, New York Data Center.

Darish Rajanayagam, Director of Operations at Myhosting says that creating new plans to support PVC 4.6 and CentOS and Debian Linux allows his company to improve its hosting services. “By leveraging the features included in Virtuozzo for Linux, we are able to maximize the potential of our physical devices, fitting more virtual machines in each server. The upgrade also allows us to upgrade our server management and monitoring services, making it easier to meet customer needs with a powerful VPS plan”, ads Mr. Rajanayagam.

The new Disk I/O features of Virtuozzo Containers provides the ability to enforce and monitor Disk I/O operations, which will improve overall I/O performance. This means that the operations of one container do not impact the performance of other containers. As a result of the upgrade to Virtuozzo Containers 4.6, the VPS customers enjoy improved performance of VPS plans and leverage more powerful resources.

Tim Attwood, Product Manager of MyHosting says that  the upgrade to Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 lets the company to provide customers with powerful Linux VPS plans possible. “Our Virtuozzo VPS Hosting plans also support the Virtuozzo Power Panel technology. With Power Panel, our VPS users can make extensive changes to the core attributes of their VPS plans, such as adjusting the distribution of system resources on the virtual device, reboot, shut down and perform other management tasks on the server without the assistance of a technician”, adds Mr. Attwood.

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