Host Color To Provide Fully Managed Web Hosting To SMBs

Web Hosting provider has announced the launch of a new Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) website service. It offers individuals and small-business owners who have a limited knowledge on control panels, HTML, FTP, software application management and L.A.M.P. stack, an opportunity to outsource the management of their websites and software applications to Host Color.

The FMSA managed service is available for website hosted in Host Color’s New York and South Bend, Indiana (23 Ms RTT for New York) based servers. The company released a special discount code for New York based small businesses. The coupon NYCWEBSITE cuts the price of the Fully Managed Shared hosting Account (FMSA) management service with 20%.

The FMSA service includes up to four (4) hours of web Hosting account management per month and features: Installation of Open Source software applications; Security and account maintenance; Troubleshooting and bug fixes; Activation of new services and software applications part of L.A.M.P. stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) that work in cPanel/WHM server environment. The price of the FMSA management service is $468/year and is charged as a setup fee.

“The website development and online business management are becoming more and more complicated. We have seen many new technologies to come out in the market within the last few years. Some of them have significantly improved the way we manage our websites, hosting accounts and online content in general. At the same time scripts and applications need a human effort. Despite the advanced hosting automation technologies we use, the online business management and website maintenance take a significant part of our time and cost a lot of money to SMBs”, says Martin Andreev, Host Color VP of Operations.

“The main reason for to launch the Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) service is that we understand that many small business owners just do not have time they need to deal with scripting, software installations and other technical issues. Many of them need to focus on daily tasks and to outsource the website management to someone who they can really trust. Host Color has been managing websites and web hosting environments for more than 12 years and we are happy to offer our expertise and management services to SMBs.”, adds Mr. Andreev.

His company has recently announced new Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) based on KVM virtualization (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology. Host Color hosts the KVM-based VDS in its core data center based out of South Bend, Indiana. The customers of the new KVM-based VPS/VDS Hosting plans, who use cPanel/WHM hosting automation panel can also activate by 1-click a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service info their virtual machines. also runs a promotional campaign on 100 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth ports, which is available to KVM-based Virtual Dedicated Servers.

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