A New Colocation Data Center Opened In Brooklyn, NYC

GalaxyVisions announces the launch of a ColoGuard.com. The subsidiary of the company focuses upon offering Tier-1 server colocation and fully managed colocation services.

The ColoGuard data center features new dedicated power lines fed from multiple providers alongside dual high-capacity generators, each with a 72-hour fuel supply. This not only greatly enhances ColoGuard’s power aspect but also now provides it with an N+2 redundancy.

The prime location of ColoGuard’s data center in Brooklyn, NY is a state-of-the-art facility with 24/7 onsite technical support. The 15,000 sq. ft. colocation facility maintains a secure, enterprise class and fault-tolerant data center that ensures 99.9% uptime. ColoGuard is also outfitted with an onsite power substation that provides unlimited and upgradeable power, two fully redundant intelligent Liebert UPS AC backup systems, and differential utility company feeds for client hardware with more than one power supply.

The data center is equipped with security systems including: biometric palm scanners with pass card access, mantraps at main entryway, fully archived color CCTV cameras, stringent access protocols, and 24/7 onsite admin support and monitoring.

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